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About us

Agricultural company “Tetirvinai” in Pasvalys region has been existing since 1995, when the kolkhoz called “Žvaigždės“ was renamed  the name of a settlement.

Until 2002 the company owned 1700 hectares of land, 1500 pigs and 285 cows which gave 2 tones of milk every day.

Those years have been the most difficult for agricultural company “Tetirvinai”.

When the company found the investors in 2002 situation improved. After analyzing all the activity spheres of the company estimated, all perspectives of Lithuania’s agriculture development it was decided to give up pig-breeding and concentrate on dairying and plant-growing.


We visited many countries and became acquainted with the experience of dairying of various companies in order to make our company advanced and perspective. Our company is the first in Lithuania to start building modern cow farms using cold keeping. What is more, our company uses modern technique of a famous “De Laval” firm. The number of cows has been increased up to 600 cows. Nowadays our company is known as one of the strongest milk producers in Lithuania. Nevertheless we are planning to increase the number of cows up to 1200 and to become one of the most advanced companies in Baltic region.


When we expanded our area of land from 1700 to almost 3000 hectares, it became impossible to work with the old technique, so we bought modern and reliable “Fendit”, “John Deere” tractors and combines, “Waterstad” seed-drills. The old corn storages, drying rooms have been renovated and the new have been built.

We were one of the first investors in the agriculture so it was difficult for us to convince everybody of the truth of our statement that we didn’t want to destroy the company but to raise it from the dead. We have to thank such people as the manager agricultural companies association Jonas Sviderskis and Eugenija Kraujeliene,ministers of agriculture Jaronimas Kraujalis and Danute Kazimiera Prunskiene,as perhaps without their moral helps our company “Tetirvinai” would be scratched out at the moment. “Tetirvinai” used the support from the Europe Union: we carried out three SAPARD program projects of about 8.7 million lit and one BPD program project of about 2.6 million lit.

“Tetirvinai” is a profitable and stable agricultural company at the moment.The workers' salaries are one of the highest in the region, so people willingly come to work in our company and even bring their acquaintances. We can be proud of the fact that there are no alcoholics, idlers and people afraid of responsibility in our company.

The president of administration Rytis Sologubas has a university degree of economist. Because of his intelligent administration “Tetirvinai” has become one of the strongest companies in Lithuania.